General FAQ

What is, developed by Groove Commerce, is an easy way to automatically sync customer and order data from your eCommerce platform to your HubSpot account, while leveraging the HubSpot cookie for conversion data. The integration currently supports Shopify, BigCommerce and Magento ecommerce platforms. The app allows ecommerce stores to import Order and Abandoned Cart data into their HubSpot portal, which can later be used to automate sales/marketing processes. 

What are the key features of finds solutions to recover abandoned carts, allows your business to create automated emails and workflows, and provides advanced reporting and segmentation.

What platforms does integrate with?

BigCommerce, Shopify, and Magento

How often does data sync between Bigcommerce and Hubspot?

BigCommerce instantly pushes new/updated data to its API, which is what uses to import data into Hubspot. On the other end, Hubspot’s API itself is not as fast. It usually takes 15-20 min for it to update its records after makes the call for your BigCommerce store. We recommend setting 20-30 min delays for automated workflow triggers.   

Can back-add Bigcommerce orders?

No, orders cannot be back-added.

Does have any workflow automations that come with the installation?

There are no Workflow automations that come preloaded with the subscription, but you are more than welcome to create workflows that leverage customer order data as Workflow triggers to personalize the experience.