How to Create a Metafield

In your BigCommerce admin, navigate to the BigCommerce Metafields Editor app.
You’ll need to first select from the list of resources, such as products, and select the desired product. Next, click on the "Create Metafield" button located at the top of the page.

You’ll then be prompted to input the required information for the metafield. It’s important to note that metafields are organized into groups of settings, which include the following:
  1. Namespace:
    A namespace is a way to group related metafields together. This is useful for organizing metafields that have a common purpose or use case. For example, you might create a namespace called "custom" to store all the custom metafields for a product.
  2. Key:
    A key is a unique identifier for a specific metafield within a namespace. For example, you might create a key called "description" to store the product's description in the "custom" namespace.
  3. Value:
    The value is the actual content of the metafield. It's the data that you want to store in the metafield. For example, the value of a metafield with the key "description" might be "This product is made from organic cotton and is machine washable."
  4. Description:
    A description is an optional field that provides additional information about the metafield. It can be used to explain what the metafield is for, how it should be used, or any other relevant information. The description is not displayed to customers, but it can be helpful for store owners or developers who are working with the metafields.

Once all information has been added, click Save to save your new metafield.