Why Hubshop.ly?

How is this solution better than Zapier?

Zapier is a tool that purely moves data from one app to another.  HubShop.ly maintains the HubSpot cookie and merges with your cart cookie, that you can actually ‘close the loop’ with your efforts.  While Zapier is just like importing a spreadsheet so none of the conversion data is tracked.

How are you different from Revenue Conduit?

For Bigcommerce and Shopify, our app is a 1-click install that allows you to get started in minutes.  For Magento, you just need to install a simple extension and adjust some permissions. HubShop.ly has a full CRM integration. For those that want to install multiple stores into 1 HubSpot. We organize the data in such a way that this makes more sense by creating a property group for each store, while they mix the data together.  They have a personalized ‘coupon generator’ - which is still pretty manual and most people don’t use once they realize the effort.

Can I sync more than one store with a single HubSpot instance?

Yes - You can connect multiple eCommerce sites to one HubSpot portal, though each site would require you to have its own subscription.  This is due to how the app store work. Each store will create a new property group that contains the data for that store, though the profile (name, address, phone, email) that are shared in the Contact record.  You can also assign each store to its own sales pipeline or a single one.

What is the big difference between Hubspot plugin and the integration that is already free in Shopify?

HubShop.ly tracks a lot more data points that are available via the API than the native Shopify integration to give you customers a more-personalized experience with your store.