What is HubSpot & BigCommerce Integration?

HubSpot & BigCommerce Integration, developed by Groove Commerce, is an easy way to automatically sync customer and order data from your eCommerce platform to your HubSpot account, while leveraging the HubSpot cookie for conversion data. The integration currently supports the BigCommerce platform. The app allows ecommerce stores to import Order and Abandoned Cart data into their HubSpot portal, which can later be used to automate sales/marketing processes. 

What are the key features of HubSpot & BigCommerce Integration?

HubSpot & BigCommerce Integration finds solutions to recover abandoned carts, allows your business to create automated emails and workflows, and provides advanced reporting and segmentation.

Does HubSpot & BigCommerce Integration have any workflow automations that come with the installation?

There are no Workflow automations that come preloaded with the HubSpot & BigCommerce Integration subscription, but you are more than welcome to create workflows that leverage customer order data as Workflow triggers to personalize the experience.

How is this solution better than Zapier?

Zapier is a tool that purely moves data from one app to another. HubSpot & BigCommerce Integration maintains the HubSpot cookie and merges with your cart cookie, that you can actually ‘close the loop’ with your efforts.  While Zapier is just like importing a spreadsheet so none of the conversion data is tracked.

Can I sync more than one store with a single HubSpot instance?

Yes - You can connect multiple eCommerce sites to one HubSpot portal, though each site would require you to have its own subscription.  This is due to how the app store work. Each store will create a new property group that contains the data for that store, though the profile (name, address, phone, email) that are shared in the Contact record.  You can also assign each store to its own sales pipeline or a single one.