How can I cancel Hubspot & BigCommerce Integration?

The service can be canceled by uninstalling the app from your BigCommerce store.  On BigCommerce go to the Apps section of Cart Admin.  Then uninstall the app. This will cancel it.

Can I get a refund?

This is usually handled on a case by case basis, please reach out to Support with the store name and link. You must contact us within TWO days of the initial charge to be eligible.

Why did my monthly payment increase?

There are two different plan tiers, the pricing of each depends on the number of contacts the customer has in their database. We’ve also found that folks with more contacts require more resources to properly support. For more info:

How much is Hubspot & BigCommerce Integration?

Under 25,000 contacts: $99.99

25,000 or more contacts: $249.99

Can I extend my trial?

Yes, it will be our pleasure to for up to 30 days.