Groove Commerce Support Center Frequently Asked Questions

Before you get started with, make sure to look over the FAQs

What are the technical requirements?

You must have an active BigCommerce store and admin access to the store catalog in order to utilize this plug-in. You also must have an API user account in BigCommerce and admin access to a WordPress site.

How will my products be displayed on my blog?

Your products will be featured in the same format that they are displayed in your product catalog. This ensures a consistent shopping experience from blog to store. Very soon, in Version 2 of, you will have the ability to adjust the styling of the text and CTA.

Will visitors be able to purchase directly from the blog?

Visitors to your blog will not be able to purchase directly from the plug-in. However, the plug-in allows them to navigate to the product page in one click. Very soon, in Version 2 of, you will also have the ability for users to add items directly to the cart from the blog.

Will my product catalog update automatically in WordPress?

When creating content, your catalog will always be current and up to date. However, if there are changes to a product price or description after publishing a blog with store content, you will have to re-import that product through to reflect updates.

Can I choose more than one product?

Currently, you can choose from either one product description with no image, one product description with an image, or three images with descriptions at once. This solution provides the ability to easily add relevant products to your blog.

Will my license renew automatically?

Yes! We will send you an email 30 days prior to your expiration letting you know it is up for renewal and your options for canceling.