How to Install for BigCommerce

A for BigCommerce Guide

Before You Install

You must be logged into your store using the ‘Owner’ account in order to see the App Store and install Apps. A store may have multiple admins, but can only have one owner account. Once logged in, please follow the steps below to install


Step 1

Click on apps in the dashboard and go to the Marketplace


Step 2

Search for "HubShop"


Step 3

Click ‘Install’ to get


Step 4

Click ‘Confirm’ to give access to your store


Step 5

Paste your HubSpot Portal ID into the box and click to authorize


Step 6

Click ‘Authorize’ to allow to connect with HubSpot


Step 7

Enter your payment information to start your 30 day Free Trial - billing will take place automatically if you decide to continue with after your trial


Step 8

Your data has started syncing! Complete the Signup Form to continue with your install


Step 9

Copy the JavaScript file


Step 10

Open your HTMLHead.html file and paste the JavaScript


Step 11

Open your homepage in another tab and click refresh


Step 12

Go back to your tab and click ‘Recheck JavaScript status’


Step 13

Download our eBook to get started with configuring your HubSpot account


Step 14

Reach inbound nirvana!

* It may take up to 24 hours for the initial data sync with your store to finish. We will email you once it's completed.